ugly walks

A new way to explore the city

Unlike your average city tour, ugly walks lead you on a journey through deserted areas and forgotten places. Free of annoying tour guide chatter, our walks provide more opportunites for quiet reflection. You'll rediscover the city, far from tourist crowds, in all of its ugly glory.


Are ugly walks educational?
While you may feel culturally enriched by the end, local history and trivia are not a focus of the tours.

Are they dangerous?
Ugly walks typically take place in more deserted and forgotten areas of the city, which are inherently quieter, with less foot traffic. There's little overlap with areas of high crime, but the providers of ugly walks make no safety promises or guarantees.

Will I see any attractions?
Not really. Ugly walks are designed to be experienced as a progression, not a series of pre-defined destinations or way-points.


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